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History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived; but if faced with courage, need not be lived again
Maya Angelou


Mrs M. Dougherty (Head of Department)Mrs C. Robinson,Mr B. Quigley


In the Foyle College History Department, we aim to provide relevant, enjoyable and challenging learning experiences which will enable all our pupils to appreciate the importance of history.  Through a variety of teaching and learning methods, both inside and outside the classroom, pupils are given the opportunity to investigate significant local and global events that have had an impact right up to the present day and whilst doing so, develop a love of the subject.

Through the provision of quality teaching, we aim to equip our pupils to be true contributors to society, the economy and the world of work as they become excellent communicators and critical thinkers, capable of discerning facts from misinformation.  This skill-set is needed more than ever in today’s world and is highly sought-after by a range of employers.

Pupils have the chance to take part in a wide variety of trips, events and visits and we fully avail of the wonderful sites of historic interest nearby such as the Walls, Cathedral and the Siege and Free Derry Museums.

We have also built up links with numerous local and regional organisations, such as the Holocaust Educational Trust, the Citizenship Foundation, The Nerve Centre and REACH Across (to name a few) who constantly offer our pupils unique enrichment experiences which enable them to deepen their understanding of history, whilst developing their transferrable skills.

We are also exceptionally lucky to have access to our own school Archive containing a treasure trove of artefacts and documents spanning the four centuries of Foyle College!

History is a popular option subject within the school and pupils value the wide variety of opportunities open to them both inside and outside the classroom.

Mrs M. Dougherty

Head of Department.



What do our pupils study?




1.     Skills in History

2.     The Romans

3.     The Normans


Archive visit and school treasure hunt

Inishowen field-trip



1.     The Age of Discovery

2.     The Spanish Armada

3.     Tudor policies in Ireland

4.     The Ulster Plantation

5.     The Siege of Derry


 Siege Trail – tour of Walls, Cathedral, Apprentice Boys’ Hall, Siege and Tower Museums.



1.     Union to Partition

2.     World War One



Archive and school War Memorial visit

 Somme Heritage Centre


Studying History at GCSE Level

Unit 1

Germany 1933 – 1945

Changing relationships: Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland 1965 – 1998

1 hour 45 minutes
60% of GCSE


Visits to the Museum of Free Derry and the Siege Museum
Unit 2

International Relations 1945 - 2003

1 hour 15 minutes

40% of GCSE

 Studying History at Advanced Level

AS Module 1


Germany 1919 - 45

1 hour 30 minutes
50% of AS

20% of A2


Lectures from visiting academics

AS Module 2

Russia 1914 - 1941

1 hour 30 minutes
50% of AS

20% of A2


Lectures from visiting academics

A2 Module 1

Ireland under the Union

1800 - 1900

1 hour 15 mins

20% of A2


Lectures from visiting academics

A2 Module 2


Partition of Ireland 1900- 1925



2 hours 30 minutes
40% of A2


Lectures from visiting academics

Residential visit to Dublin


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